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pete matthews

Where is Pete?

Pete is performing his show on the following cruises and at the venues shown below.

For more information about his appearances you can contact him by clicking here.

Oct 21st - Oct 24th. Cunard ‘Queen Victoria’
Corfu to Venice.
Nov 1st - Nov 5th. Royal Caribbean ‘Rhapsody of the Seas’
Naples to Barcelona.
Nov 13th - Nov 18th. Disney ‘Wonder’
Grand Cayman to Galveston.
Nov 20th - Nov 22nd. Celebrity ‘Eclipse’
Bonaire to Aruba.
Nov 23rd - Nov 27th. Celebrity ‘Reflection’
St Maarten to Ft Lauderdale.
Nov 28th - Dec 1st. Celebrity ‘Silhouette’
San Juan to St Lucia.
Dec 2nd - Dec 4th. Celebrity ‘Eclipse’
Barbados to Bonaire.
Dec 5th - Dec 8th. Celebrity ‘Reflection’
Bonaire to Ft Lauderdale.
Dec 10th - Dec 14th. Celebrity ‘Eclipse’
Miami to Antigua.
Dec 15th - Dec 17th. Disney ‘Magic’
Miami to Nassau.
Jan 13th - Jan 16th. Celebrity ‘Eclipse’
Barbados to Curacao.
Jan 17th - Jan 23rd. Celebrity ‘Equinox’
Miami to St Maarten.
Jan 24th - Jan 27th. Celebrity ‘Eclipse’
St Maarten to Barbados.
Jan 29th - Feb 1st. Celebrity ‘Silhouette’
Antigua to St Maarten.
Feb 3rd - Feb 6th. Celebrity ‘Reflection’
Cartagena to Grand Cayman.
Feb 21st - Feb 25th. Celebrity ‘Reflection ’
Grand Cayman to Aruba.
Feb 27th - Mar 4th. Celebrity ‘Eclipse’
Curacao to Miami.
Mar 9th - Mar 11th. Cunard ‘Queen Victoria’
Port Everglades to Charleston.
Mar 13th - Mar 19th. Cunard ‘Queen Elizabeth’
Okinawa to Pusan, Korea.
May 2nd - May 5th. Cunard ‘Queen Mary 2’
Naples to Barcelona.
May 11th - May 14th. Celebrity ‘Eclipse’
Belfast to Reykjavik.
May 28th - May 31st. Celebrity ‘Silhouette’
Copenhagen to Tallinn.
Jun 1st - Jun 3rd. Cunard ‘Queen Mary 2’
Hamburg to Southampton.
Jun 4th - Jun 8th. Celebrity ‘Reflection’
Malaga to Rome.
Jun 10th - Jun 12th. Cunard ‘Queen Elizabeth’
Southampton to Oslo.
Jun 13th - Jun 16th. Disney ‘Magic’
Livorno to Barcelona.
Jun 17th - Jun 21st. Celebrity ‘Reflection’
Naples to Barcelona.
Jun 26th - Jun 29th. Celebrity ‘Silhouette’
Copenhagen to Stockholm.
Jun 30th - Jul 4th. Disney ‘Magic’
Barcelona to Livorno.
Jul 14th - Jul 17th. Disney ‘Magic’
Naples to Barcelona.
Jul 25th - Jul 29th. Disney ‘Magic’
Lisbon to Dover.
Aug 7th - Aug 9th. Disney ‘Magic’
Tallinn to Copenhagen.
Aug 13th - Aug 15th. Cunard ‘Queen Victoria’
Copenhagen to Stockholm.
Aug 17th - Aug 19th. Cunard ‘Queen Mary 2’
Hamburg to Southampton.
Aug 22nd - Aug 26th. Disney ‘Magic’
Reykjavik to Dover.
Aug 29th - Sep 2nd. Disney ‘Magic’
Oslo to Dover.
Oct 21st - Oct 23rd. Cunard ‘Queen Elizabeth’
Messina to Venice.
Oct 26th - Oct 29th. Celebrity ‘Constellation’
Sete to Livorno.
Nov 2nd - Nov 5th. Celebrity ‘Eclipse’
Malaga to Nice.
Nov 7th - Nov 10th. Celebrity ‘Constellation’
Mykonos to Naples.
Nov 13th - Nov 16th. Cunard ‘Queen Victoria’
Lisbon to Southampton.
Nov 20th - Nov 23rd. Celebrity ‘Reflection’
Barbados to St Maarten.
Nov 25th - Nov 27th. Celebrity ‘Silhouette’
Barbados to St Kitts.
Nov 30th - Dec 2nd. Celebrity ‘Reflection’
Cartagena to Aruba.
Dec 4th - Dec 6th. Celebrity ‘Silhouette’
Aruba to Bonaire.